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Better Ways to how to change ribbon in dot matrix printer ?

1 Better Ways to how to change ribbon in dot matrix printer ?



For those who still use a dot-matrix printer, getting replacemant
ribbons is becoming more difficult.

An alternative is to purchase ink designed to re-ink the ribbon
cartridge, but even that is not easy to find.

Some have said that they’ve used ordinary stamp-pad ink and it works.
But others have said that stamp-pad ink isn’t good because
(a) it dries out too quickly and (b) it doesn’t have the lubricating
ingredients that a printhead needs. Have you tried it?

And what about the possibility of making your own ink?
Does anyone know the recipe for dot-matrix printer ribbon ink?

The traditional moisturizer in typewriter ribbons was glycerine.
I once freed up stuck pins in a Panasonic dot printer with ordinary
electronic cleaner/lube spray. At the time, it consisted of freon with a
tiny amount of silicon fluid. The freon evaporates, leaving behind a
very thin, microscopic coating of the silicon oil. This did the trick.

I can’t say for sure, but silicon fluid may be the secret ingredient in
dot matrix ribbons — like glycerine, it doesn’t dry out, but also
provides lubricity. It is an excellent lubricant for rubbers and
plastics, and those in combination with metals. Note that silicon fluid
will not lubricate metal-metal interfaces, so if your print heads have
steel pins working directly in metal bearings, the head’ll be trashed. I
suspect that perhaps all dot print heads use stainless wires working in
bearings of some self-lubricating plastic.

As I recall, silicon fluids and traditional oils do not mix. Petroleum
oils hold dust, which is abrasive — therefore, that’s what would not be
in ribbons because the print head would turn into a gloppy worn-out mess
(household dust is abrasive). Silicon fluids do not attract dirt. I
remember that these fluids are inert and pretty harmless; the stuff sure
makes my fingers slippery. There are also silicon lubricant compounds —
greases, and perhaps oils, as well. I’m wondering if printer ribbons
contain a mixture of silicon fluid and glycerine.

What I cannot tell you is where to buy silicon fluid, nor can I tell you
which viscosity to use. The viscosities (measured in Centistoke), run
from thinner than water all the way to thicker than honey. When I
obtained my supply for audio work, the manufacturers were General
Electric and Dow Corning. And I have no idea what the pigment is. Let us
know what you find out!


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