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how to change dot matrix printer ribbon

1 how to change dot matrix printer ribbon Video

2 How do I change dot-matrix printer’s ribbon?

Ribbons are available without cartridge. Cartridge can be opened from middle by d help of a sharp knife or screw driver. Check the positions of wheels and ribbon inside it. Then change with a new ribbon.

1. Make sure the Power Switch is set to OFF and the paper thickness lever is set to the highest setting or “Replace Ribbon” and remove the access cover.

2. Grip the ribbon cartridge with your fingers at each end and slope it up and out to remove it from the carriage. Dispose of the cartridge in accordance with your local guidelines.

3. Remove the new ribbon cartridge from its wrapping and lower it into the printer aligning the pins at both ends of the ribbon cartridge into the U grooves in the printer until the ribbon cartridge is fully locked, making sure the ribbon is in front of the print head.

4. Move the print head to position the ribbon then turn the knob anticlockwise (in the direction of the arrow) to wind up the ribbon.

5. Replace the access cover and set the paper thickness lever to match the paper being used and set the Power Switch to ON.







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