The Zebra GK420D direct thermal printer was developed to offer great performance for the best value possible. This is one of three models in the series GK420, GX420, and GX430. You get all the power of a full printer with the smallest footprint possible in the Zebra G-Series. There are several industries that benefit from this compact Zebra GK420D Direct Thermal Printer.


Zebra GK420D Direct Thermal Printer Practical Uses

Travel and Hospitality: You can create easy to use passes instantly for boarding tickets, ski lift tickets, and bag tags.
Security: Print labels for evidence tracking, visitor ids, and parking passes.
Manufacturing: Accurately label products and product staging with a click of a button.
Healthcare: Track and label samples and patients on the fly.
Retail: Deliver receipts, coupons, price markers, gift registry, and prescription labels.
Government: File, directory, and evidence all labeled and organized by one printer.
Laboratory: Keep the lab safe with label organization and quality control.

Didn’t see your industry here? Don’t worry. We service tons of other industries with a huge range of uses. If you need printing, we have the label printer for you.

The Zebra GK420D Direct Thermal Printer comes with a base line performance standard.

  • Easy Access Connectivity: Connect your printer via parallel, serial, or USB
  • Auto Media Calibration: The printer accurately calibrates the media on every print to fit and look great.
  • Patented OpenACCESS™: Lightning fast media loading drastically decreases printing time.
  • Simple Fix: Both the print head and platen are tool-less to replace.
  • Programming Language: Dual-wall frame. EPL and ZPL are standard construction.

The Zebra GK420D direct thermal printer is rated to print up to 500 labels a day. These labels are printed with thermal printing only. This means that there is no extra hidden cost or downtime. The printing technique uses heat activated thermal papers and films to print. While the color is limited to black normally, the primary benefit of a drastically lowered costs outweighs the need for color. If you do, however, need color. There is preprinted specialty thermo chromatic ink available.

Fast printing, lower production cost, and a super small space footprint make the Zebra GK420D direct thermal printer a no brainer for any business looking to produce their own labels in house.

Zebra ZM400 Printer Review

The Zebra ZM400 printer has always been the price performance leader in its class. It offers 10 inches per second print speed, fast throughput, and rugged reliability. The ZM400 is considered to be an industrial and commercial workhouse. It will allow you to easily increase productivity in a wide range of warehouse, manufacturing, and business applications. The ZM400 now offers more options in order to meet your growing demands.

Allows You Better Connection Options:

  • Better connected to your customer’s network—with a variety of modern connectivity options for easy integration into any network environment: USB 2.0, secure 802.11b/g wireless LAN, or ZebraNet® 10/100 Print Server that allows  simultaneous parallel and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Better connected to your customer’s applications—with built in RFID Ready investment protection, choice of print resolution, including 600 dpi, ink side coated in or out ribbon spindles, and XML-enabled printing.
  • Better connected to your customer’s needs—with easy setup via a large, easy-to-read, operator friendly front panel that includes Asian-language support; easy loading of supplies; and easy maintenance with quick-changing Printheads and platens.

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Given all the standard and optional features available on the Zebra ZM400 printer, it is clear to see that it is best suited for just about all applications and vertical markets. Here is a short list of examples:

Automotive (Inventory Control)
Electronics (Shipping/Receiving)
Aerospace (Order Entry)
Commercial Products (Part Labeling)
Engineering/Industrial Design (Work in Progress Document Identification)

The Zebra ZM400 printer comes standard with a large, easy to view LCD screen for intuitive, quick configurations. This model also has a side loading printhead design, which totally eliminates media and ribbon threading. It is an easy and tool-less replacement of the platen roller.

Zebra ZM400 Printer Compatibilities:

The Zebra ZM400 printer uses the same Zebra programming language as the other Zebra printers. This allows for seamless integration with existing applications by the same manufacturer.