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What zebra printer ribbon out error List?

1 Zebra printer Error Condition Paper Out causes and solutions

This articles discusses the Error Condition Paper Out on Zebra printers.

The error, Error Condition Paper Out can have several causes.

  1. No label stock is loaded into the printer
  2. Label stock is not loaded properly and is not aligned with the stock sensor
  3. The printer is set to gap stock, but it is loaded with continuous stock.
  4. The maximum label length is set too short.
  5. The stock sensor does not have the correct sensitivity setting, or is not functioning properly.

Corrective action

1.    No label stock is loaded into the printer.

Install label stock into the printer. This is the intent of the sensor, to indicate that the roll of labels has been used up.

2.   Label stock is not loaded prperly and is not aligned with the stock sensor.

The label stock must cover the eye of sensor and should be fed under the feed guide so that the paper is as close to the sensor as possible

3.    The printer is set to gap stock, but it is loaded with continuous stock.



2 Zebra 170xi4 ‘Paper Out’ and ‘Ribbon Out’ errors

Zebra 170xi4 doesn’t work after calibration.

Zebra Technologies denies any significant change to their firmware regarding the calibration procedure for the Z-170xi4. But if you follow Thunderbird Technical Services’ video on xi4 series calibration you may find the printer will ‘flatline’ on the sensor profile after performing the calibration. Furthermore, the printer will elicit a ‘paper out’ and ‘ribbon out’ error. This is quite a nuisance, especially if there are jobs queued up in the printer, since the only way to clear the errors is to power down the printer and power it up again. Then the printer will perform normally and will provide a normal sensor profile.

Zebra tech support says this has been the proper procedure all along but I’ll have to disagree. Previous models perform marvelously when the sensor is cleaned as we recommend in our blogs and video and then performing the sensor calibration, saving permanent and performing a sensor profile test. Even 110xi4 model does just fine as seen on our videos.

So what is wrong with the Z-170xi4? Can it be fixed? If your printer has the latest firmware release (V53.17.19Z at the time of this blog), there is nothing to do except power the printer off, then on. If your printer has an earlier version of firmware and it does not have these problems, then you should avoid upgrading the the newer firmware.


3 Zebra ZM400 Ribbon Out Error


If your Zebra ZM400 printer is displaying an error on the LCD screen stating there is a Zebra Zm400 Ribbon Out Error there are a couple things at which we can take a look to remedy this situation.

Simply, and in most cases, the ribbon spool has run out and needs to be replaced. If this is the case then it’s pretty easy to spot. The first thing we will do is open the media door of the printer and locate the ribbon supply spindle. When looking inside the printer there will be 2 spindles towards the top and in the middle of the printer. The smaller of the 2 spindles is the ribbon supply spindle. If you see a cardboard core of a spent roll of ribbon then it’s time to replace the roll.

To replace the ribbon, first open the printhead and remove the old, spent spool as well as all the excess that has accumulated on the take up spindle and discard. Look for raised lines on the inside wall of the printer for the intended path of the media. Follow these lines/arrows to guide the installation process. Next, install the new ribbon spool so that it is rotating clockwise and the leading edge comes off from the bottom of the spool. The leading edge of the ribbon will then pass through the printhead and pulled upwards and towards the rear of the printer to the larger of the 2 spindles, called the take-up spindle. Wrap the excess around over the top of the take-up spindle several times and then rotate the spindle clockwise until the excess is wrapped snug to the spindle. Lower the printhead and press the pause button, The printer should then begin a short calibration process and stop on the tear line. You’re ready to print!

If you’re receiving the Ribbon Out Error and there is still ribbon remaining on the spool then it’s possible the ribbon sensor has malfunctioned. Follow the links below for a free quote on all your ZM400 repairs!

Zebra ZM400 Ribbon Out Error

Zebra ZM400 Ribbon Out Error


4 Zebra ZM400 Error Code Ribbon Out

Possible Cause

In thermal transfer mode, ribbon is not loaded or incorrectly loaded.


Load ribbon correctly.

Possible Cause

In thermal transfer mode, the ribbon sensor is not detecting ribbon that is loaded incorrectly.


1. Load ribbon correctly.

2. Calibrate the sensors.

Possible Cause

In the thermal transfer mode, media is blocking the ribbon sensor.


1. Load media correctly.

2. Calibrate the sensors.

Possible Cause

In thermal transfer mode, the printer did not detect the ribbon even though it is loaded correctly.


1. Print a sensor profile. The ribbon out threshold(marked by the word RIBBON) is likely too high, above the black area that indicates where the ribbon is detected.

2. Calibrate the sensors or load printer defaults.


Error Zebra Ribbon Out


Zebra 105SL Ribbon Out Error



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