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Where I zx40 ribbon printer for sale ?

Where I zx40 ribbon printer for sale ?

you can order in ebay and amazon.

Do more with the ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printer!

You are looking to purchase a ribbon printer to make money, right? Well if this is the case, then you will be reassured to know that you can do a whole lot more with your ZX-40 Ultra ribbon printing machine than just print ribbons!

Just changing the grade of foils, you will be able to print name tags for school clothing, shoe labels, labels for stationery, address labels, magnetic vehicle signs (using optional magnetic material available elsewhere), labels for bottles and jars as well as bumper stickers, warning and security signs.

These options should not be dismissed as there is a huge market for these products and they will add to your profit. We sell these materials and foils so that you can tap into these lucrative markets too without any further outlay on capital investment.

The all new ZX-40 Ultra
Ribbon Printing System

No other ribbon printer comes close to the ZX-40 Ultra for it’s features
…. No other company comes close to CPL for deals & support!

4mb Flash ROM

Faster and more
modern than any
other system on
the market!

The ZX-40 Ultra’s free external ribbon feeder easily accepts several ribbons of varying sizes.

When combined with our multi-print attachments, you will be able to print several ribbons at once, thereby savings you time and money!

There may be instances when a roll of ribbon is too large to fit inside the ZX-40 Ultra (or you wish to print sashes), then our FREE external holder will prove to be invaluable.

We are giving this external ribbon holder free of charge when you purchase our ZX-40 Ultra. This not only makes our ZX-40 Ultra more modern but also more versatile, and even better value-for-money!


With the ZX-40 Ultra, you can indeed print in any language as long as you have the fonts loaded onto your PC.

So whether you wish to print in English, Spanish, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, etc.you will not have any issues with our ZX-40!

You can also print any symbols or clipart!

The ZX-40 Ultra is the only ribbon printer which can be operated with a PC or without a PC!

To print any font and logos, simply connect it to you PC.  For basic text printing, you can simply connect it to just a keyboard!

The ZX-40 Ultra is also the only ribbon printer on the market that has a SD card slot. This allows you to save your designs onto your own SD Card and print out you designs without having to carry your computer around with you!

This also overcomes any driver issues as using the SD card, you can save work in any operating  system (as an image)and print out ribbons in an instant.

The ZX-40 Ultra is a new generation ribbon printer which makes rival printers look obsolete.

The ZX-40 Ultra incorporates four LED function keys, thereby allowing you to make any adjustments instantly rather than having to do this via the software. The ZX-40 Ultra now stands heads and shoulders above the competition.

The Zx-40 Ultra features a unique graphics multilingual LCD screen for various commands.

It even has a built-in clock!

The ZX-40 Ultra has a fill communications ports for easy connection to your PC.




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