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which type of printer uses an inked ribbon?

which type of printer uses an inked ribbon?

Dot Matrix

A dot matrix printer or impact printer is a type of computer printer and prints by impact, striking an inked cloth or Mylar ribbon against the paper.

thermochromatic and photchromatic inks
Impact Printers.
carbonised ribbon is essential part of
ink jet printer
The word “thermal” means heat. The image is made by heat, not ink.
A laser printer does not use ink. Laser printers use a substance called toner. Toner is basically just a powder that’s makeup is similar to plastic. When a
document is printed, and after the toner is picked up by the paper, it goes through the fuser. The fuser then melts the toner onto the page.
Which type of printers use ink cartridges? Usually known as an “inkjet” printer that uses blue, red and yellow ink cartridges, with some printers using an additional black ink cartridge.
Which type of printer uses ink cartridges? Bubblejet Printer.
Depending on how the term”Giclee” is used would determine the kind of ink that would be used. The original term dubbed in the 1980″s refers to IRIS prints that
used only those printers. Currently the term refers to any printer where the ink specifications would be listed on the printer.
Thermal Printer


Which Type Of Printer Uses Ribbon?



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