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Why We Use zx 40 ultra ribbon printer?

Why We Use zx 40 ultra ribbon printer?

for printing Sticky Labels, Shelf Labels,
Warning Labels, Identification Labels, Bumper Stickers,
Rear Car Windows Stickers.

The ZX-40 Ultra has proved to be a runaway success when it comes to printing instant labels.

Therefore, whether you wish to print your own personalised packing tapes, labels for cosmetic or drink bottles, bumper stickers, advertising stickers, safety signs or labels for shelving – the ZX-40 Ultra is the answer!

The ZX-40 simply connects to your PC and enables you to print labels in spot colours. You can print onto coloured self-adhesive vinyl or clear too. The print is durable and will not easily rub off and the adhesive in strong enough so that the label stays stuck!

Having said that, it can be removed by use of a hot air gun/hair dryer without leaving residue.

Print your own branded packaging tape using any  font and any piece of clipart/logo!

Give your company that big corporate image with personalised packaging tape which can also work as an advertising medium.

Change your text or designs as often as you wish by a few clicks on your keyboard!

Other are making huge profit  on  a daily basis by printing warning and safety signs and then selling them online.

There is a huge demand for short run self-adhesive labels and you could easily be tapping into this lucrative market within minutes of receiving you ZX-40 Ultra Label Printer.


If you are making lotions, potions and cremes on a small scale and you require professional looking labels, then the ZX-40 Ultra is the answer!

Our labels are waterproof and the images will last for a very long time. Give your bottles that added professional touch by printing your own labels on demand.

There is always good demand for car bumper stickers as well as car/vehicle advertising windows stickers.

Many small businesses need window stickers to advertise their business – you could benefit from this vast market with the ZX-40 Ultra!

Stickers for kids school lunch boxes, pencil cases, calculators, rulers etc.

Did you know that know that by using the same printer, you can also print onto ribbons, name tags etc just by using different grade foils which are available from us?

For full details please vis


ZX-40 Ultra accessories


Keep your foils tidy and organised with this custom made ‘Tidy Rack’ available exclusively through CPL.

There’s nothing worse than a reel of foil falling off your desk and rolling away – and it’s not easy to reel it back up again without creasing it and picking up dust along the
way (which can cause  printing problems).

Our Tidy rack also has special section to one side  where pegs are spaced a little further apart. This allows you to also store reels of washcare and iron on tapes etc.

Don’t forget to add the Tidy Rack to your order!

Our low-cost multi-print attachments are very popular for printing several ribbons at a time!!

This not only saves you time but also money as you will end up using less foil.

We have a wide range of stock multi-print attachments which will accept different size of  ribbon at a time. Infact, we are the only company that can create a custom made attachment for you, based on your needs – no one to our knowledge offers this unique service.  The rates for custom made attachments will vary from our standard stock ones, please enquire.

When used properly, the print head on our ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon printer should last you several years. However, as the print head is a consumable, we are able to offer spare print heads as an optional extra.

all items shown in the first picture

1) ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printer

(Suitable for Windows XP, Windows Vista – 32 & 64 Bit, Windows 7 – 32 & 64 Bit), Windows 8 and 8.1

2) AC/DC Power Adapter (110-240V – Suitable for USA too).

3) USB Cable 

4) Instruction Manual in full colour (Supplied as a PDF).

5) Powerful DrawPlus Design & Graphics Software 

6) Software CD containing: Printer Driver, PDF Manual, 100 x Clipart Images, Example ribbon files, Popular size templates etc.

7) 1 x 50m Roll of red foil (57mm wide)

8) 1 x 50m Roll of Black foil (57mm wide)

9) 1 x 25m Roll of baby blue ribbon (15mm)

10)  External ribbon holder for larger ribbons, multi ribbon printing etc.

11)  Multi-print attachments to print thinner ribbons  (6 in varying sizes)


How to use zx 40 ultra ribbon printer?



ZX-40 Ultra Ribbon Printer. Print in any language. We ship worldwide.





ZX 40 Ultra Ribbon Printer Print in any language We ship worldwide




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