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Why zebra printer error condition ribbon out and How to do?

Why zebra printer error condition ribbon out and How to do?

There are a few causes of this error:

Dirty or defective sensor
Opague ribbon in use
LED intensity too great

How to do?

1 Check the ribbon sensor located on the left side just behind the printhead (printhead open). Assure the eyes are clean. Install the upper media guide plate. It is the removable plate that is placed on the media deck with the rise stamped on the left side. Many user remove this plate since labels jam underneath it. Perform the voltage calibration. This should calibrate the printer for the ribbon and media used. If this fails, try it again. If this procedure fails repeatedly, then check the feature ‘Ribbon LED’. Assure it is in the range of 45 – 65. if not, set it there. If this does not correct the error and the Ribbon LED keeps resetting itself at a high value, then the ribbon sensor is most likely faulty.

2 Simply, and in most cases, the ribbon spool has run out and needs to be replaced. If this is the case then it’s pretty easy to spot. The first thing we will do is open the media door of the printer and locate the ribbon supply spindle. When looking inside the printer there will be 2 spindles towards the top and in the middle of the printer. The smaller of the 2 spindles is the ribbon supply spindle. If you see a cardboard core of a spent roll of ribbon then it’s time to replace the roll.

To replace the ribbon, first open the printhead and remove the old, spent spool as well as all the excess that has accumulated on the take up spindle and discard. Look for raised lines on the inside wall of the printer for the intended path of the media. Follow these lines/arrows to guide the installation process. Next, install the new ribbon spool so that it is rotating clockwise and the leading edge comes off from the bottom of the spool. The leading edge of the ribbon will then pass through the printhead and pulled upwards and towards the rear of the printer to the larger of the 2 spindles, called the take-up spindle. Wrap the excess around over the top of the take-up spindle several times and then rotate the spindle clockwise until the excess is wrapped snug to the spindle. Lower the printhead and press the pause button, The printer should then begin a short calibration process and stop on the tear line. You’re ready to print!

3 Zebra 105sl To resolve a Zebra 105sl error condition ribbon out message, you will need to reload ribbon onto the ribbon supply spindle and along the correct ribbon path. First it will travel over the snap (media guide) plate, then up and around the printhead lever, followed by down and around the ribbon take up spindle and out of the printer. Once it is ensured that the ribbon is loaded along the correct ribbon path, close the printer and continue printing. For more details on this process visit Zebra 105SL Ribbon Replacement.

2 The ribbon sensor is used in Thermal Transfer applications to detect the state of the ribbon and will provide a Ribbon Out condition when the ribbon reaches the end of the roll or is not installed. … To avoid ribbon errors proper loading and configuration of the printer and driver/software is required.


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