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bixolon printer ribbon

bixolon printer ribbon


Priced per Ribbon, order as many as you need in any quantity.
Compatible Epson ERC38B Printer Ribbon Cartridge
Each ribbon individually wrapped in plastic to eliminate drying out
Epson TM-U200 Epson TM-U220 Compatible
Samsung Bixolon SRP-270 and SRP-275 Compatible
Fits any printer requiring a ERC-30, ERC-34, or ERC-38
For Epson Authentic OEM Ribbon, see EPSON ERC-38B

Epson Compatible ERC-38B (Black) receipt printer ribbon for the Epson TM-U200 (TM200, TMU200), TM-U220 (TMU220), Epson TM-U300 (TM300, TMU300) series printers, Epson IT-U375, Panasonic PM300, Samsung Bixolon SRP-270 (SRP270), Samsung Bixolon SRP-275 (SRP275) receipt printer ribbons and others listed below. Sealed in plastic to eliminate drying out before installation.

Anker Data Systems 40.0068, 40.2064
BMC International CR280, Datamega DPN-2700, Datamega TM-U370, Datamega TM-U375
EPSON ERC30 Compatible, Epson ERC34 Compatible, Epson ERC38 Compatible
Epson ITU200D, Epson 270, Epson 300D, Epson M133A, Epson M17-JB, Epson M119, Epson M270, Epson M280, Epson M52-JB, Epson TM-267 II, Epson TM-270, Epson TM-300A, Epson TM-300C, Epson TM-300D, Epson TM-U200B, Epson TM-U200D, Epson TM-U210B, Epson TM-U220, Epson TM-U230, Epson TM-U300, Epson TM-U325, Epson TM-U370, Epson TM-U375
Kingtron CL Series
MICROS 1200W, Micros 1300W MAIN, Micros 1320W MAIN, Micros 1370W MAIN, Micros 1390W MAIN, Micros 1700 MAIN, Micros 2415W MAIN, Micros 2700, Micros 400-344 MAIN, Micros 4000W, Micros 4300-395 MAIN, Micros TM-300D, Micros TM-U200B, Micros TM-U200D, Micros TM-U210B, Micros TM-U300, Micros TM-U325, Micros TM-U370, Micros TM-U375
NCR 7455
Nikko NK-400
Norand 4810
Omni TM300, Omni TMU200, Omini TMU375
Panasonic JS-7000 MAIN, Panasonic JS-7500 REMOTE, Panasonic JS-8000 REMOTE, Panasonic JS-9000, Panasonic PM300, Panasonic PM308
Samsung SRP270, SRP-270, SRP275, SRP-275
Sanyo/Check-a-Tron 590, 595
Sharp ER-2975, ER-3210
TEC RE-2000, TEC RE-2500, TEC RE-3000, TEC RE-3500
Towa/TCA/Konic ET 1420, Towa RI
And many more

All Items are Brand New in Factory Box with Manufacturer USA Warranty unless otherwise specified.
Kitchen Receipt Printers
∙ POS Receipt Printers
∙ Dot Matrix Printers



∙ Customer Receipts
∙ End of Day Reports

∙ Guest Checks
∙ Kitchen
∙ Bar

∙ Admission Tickets
∙ Parking Stubs

CAT (Credit Card Authorization Terminals)
∙ Multiple copies Retail

Data Terminals
∙ Service Reports
∙ Data Loggers

Multiple Interface choice
Built-in type
USB V2.0 FS + Serial + Ethernet*
USB V2.0 FS + Parallel
USB V2.0 FS + Serial
* DHCP enabled

Powerful Printing Performance
– Fast printing speed up to 5.1 lps (at 40 columns)
8.5% faster than competitive models
– High reliability mechanism (18 million lines)
– Two-color printing, Quality printing of fonts, graphics

User-friendly Design
– Anti-jam technology
– Internal kitchen buzzer
– Simply drop-in paper loading
– Internal SMPS
– Stand-alone and wall-mount option


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