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personalized ribbon printer

personalized ribbon printer

personalized ribbon printer machine sale


Amydor digital ribbon printer AMD150 shocks the market for its unique function . It absolutely solves the traditonal handwriting problems and it offers the customers the most regular and noble ribbon slogan. This leads your ribbon atract customers ‘ all focus instantly and seize the opportunity from competitors. It comes true to print the most luxurious and lordly ribbon gift for your customers.



Funciton features


1.small size(put on the desk)


2.high speed(five times faster than normal printer)


3.lowest cost


4.easy to use(simple one-touch operation)


5.various colors. characters and pattens can be printed with beautiful and bright color.


6.ribbon lace can be selected and printed randomy


7.printed witn customers’ different requirements


8.imported high precision printhead with anti-static & scratch-proof to sure long working life


9.instantly layout and instantly print

Main data



Model Print interface Feeding width Print width Speed Power Voltage Weight Machine size
HD150 USB 150mm 1-104mm 100m/s 500W 220V 7kg 500*300*300mm



Consumable Materials

Name Color Width(mm) Length
 Ribbon Gold,Silver,Yellow,White 8,9,10,12 100m/roll
Cloth Red,Yellow,Blue,Pink,Black,White 8,9,10,12 100m/roll





1.Flower basket,greeting,congratulation,invitation ribbon print


2.Ceremonial,Talent show,award,usher ribbon print


3.Gift,box,bookmark,food,advert ribbon print


4.Wedding,greeting,congratulation,invitation cards etc gilding print

Amazing printing result full color t shirt printing machine can:
1. print on light color Tshirt directly;
2. for dark color Tshirt, spraying pre-treatment at first, then heating it for about 45s with heating press, after that you can print on Tshirt.
3. design your own pictures or take photos are all available…Please check the clear explaination as following:

Nuwa Jet
Print Method
Eightcolor On-demand inkjet (micro piezo print technology, intelligence drops transformation technology)
Print head
R2000 with DX5 MicroPiezo print head
Printer resolution
Print speed (Two heads)
80seconds / Full A3 size
Print direction
Unidirection / Bidirection
Ink cartridge type
Split type
Minimum ink drop size
Ink cosume
15-20ml/squre meter
Ink supply system
Ink configuration scheme
8 color: CMYK+WWWW
Max printable area
A3 320 *550mm
Max adjustable height
Max object thickness
Printing gap
Height adjust
Printing resolution
720*1080dpi  / 720*1440dpi /    720*2160dpi/    720*2880dopi
400 Mbp
Support Ink type
textile ink, eco-solvent ink, edible ink
Color management
ICC Curve &Default ICM
Rip software
FocusRIP-8.2.6 / Photoprint servo
Printhead Protection
Intelligent Self Protect System
100-120V/200-240V 50-60HZ (Special requirements can be customized)
Printing Interface
Operation System
WindowsXP/32bit, WIN7/32bit

WindowsXP/64bit, WIN7/64bit
Working Environment
50%humidity,  21-29Degree, Clean room, low dust, less sun light, good
Printer Size
Shipping Size
Printer N.Weight/G.Weight
  1. lowest cost
  2. small size(put on the desk)
  3. instantly layout and instantly print
  4. easy to use(simple one-touch operation)
  5. printed witn customers’ different requirements
  6. ribbon lace can be selected and printed randomy
  7. high speed(five times faster than normal printer)
  8. various colors. characters and pattens can be printed with beautiful and bright color.
  9. imported high precision printhead with anti-static & scratch-proof to sure long orking life





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