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fabric ribbon printer

fabric ribbon printer

Max Printing Thickness 3mm
Printing Interface Network interface/SD card/USB
Max Media Width 260mm
Max Printing Width 20-100mm
Speed 80-100m/h
Resolution 200+ dpi
Medium Type fabric,ribbon,etc
Power AC110V-240V / 50/60Hz
Machine Power 100W
Working Voltage AC220V/60Hz
Packing Size 45*29*33cm
GW/NW 16kg/15kg

1). Easy operating, low noise, high precision, samll volume.

2). High printing speed, only seconds can finish one piece ribbon, and very low cost .

3). Bight color performance. Vinous color foils available. 
4). Wide printing media, like ribbon/cloth/paper,etc soft materials. 
5). Largest printing format , can meet different requirement. 
6). Adopts imported Japan high precision/anti-static/Anti-scratch print head, much more life span. 
7). Can print single ribbon, double pieces ribbon or more pieces by one time.

Ribbon : 2 types, according different width (70mm, 90mm )

70mm Width: match the cloth of 80mm width.

Color: Golden, Silver, Yellow, White, Red, Black
Size: 70mm*200m

90mm Width: match the cloth of 100mm width.

Color: Golden, Silver, Yellow, White, Red, Black

Size: 90mm*200m

Cloth :  2 types, according different width (80mm, 100mm )

80mm Width: match the Ribbon of 70mm width.

Color: Red, White

Size: 80mm*200m







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