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What is epson printer ribbons?

What is epson printer ribbons?

  • Versatile — create personalized ribbons for gifts, decorations, crafts and more
  • Personalize — print special words for each recipient
  • For any occasion — weddings, kid’s parties, holidays, birthday parties
  • Easily match a theme — plenty of fonts to mix and match
  • Super crafty — scrapbooking, clothing, labels and other personal projects
  • Make the usual unusual — brighten up gifts and party favors with personal messages
  • Full featured — kit includes a LabelWorks LW-300 printer, one ribbon cartridge for instant, customized ribbons, and one adhesive label sample cartridge
  • Don’t forget to pick up six AAA batteries (not included)

What is epson printer ribbons?

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How to Replacing the ribbon cartridge?

Follow these steps to replace the ribbon cartridge:

You need to move the print head by hand to replace the ribbon cartridge. If you have just used the printer, the print head may be hot; let it cool for a few minutes before touching it.
Make sure the printer is turned off. The printer is off when the power switch is pressed down to the  side.
If the printer is connected to an electrical outlet, unplug it from the outlet.
Open the paper guide cover by pulling its back edge toward.
Open the printer cover to the upright position, then pull it up to remove it.
Press the tabs on each side of the paper tension unit upward, then lift the front of the unit and pull it up and out of the printer.
Make sure that the print head is not hot; if it is, let it cool for a few minutes before touching it. Then slide the print head to the middle of the printer by hand.
Never move the print head while the printer is turned on; this can damage the printer.
Grasp the ribbon guide and pull it until it is out of the print head.
Grasp the used cartridge by its handle and pull it up and out of the printer.
Hold both sides of the ribbon guide and pull it until it is out of the cartridge.
Insert the ribbon cartridge into the printer at an angle as shown below, then press firmly on both sides of the cartridge to fit the plastic hooks into the slots on the printer.
Slide the ribbon guide into the print head until it clicks in place.
When inserting the ribbon guide, press firmly until it clicks.
Turn the ribbon-tightening knob to help feed the ribbon into place.
Reinstall the paper tension unit by lowering it onto the printer’s mounting pegs. Then press down on both ends of the unit until it clicks into place.
Replace the printer cover by inserting the front tabs into the slots on the printer and lowering the cover into place. Then push it down until it clicks.

How to select the right ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbons come in many ink formulations, and choosing the wrong one can result in useless labels. Print quality can be poor, the ink can smear or fade, and choosing the wrong ribbon can force operators to reduce the speed of their printers.

The proper ribbon formulation depends on the material being printing on. If you would like help choosing a label material, visit our label design considerations page.

There are three types of ribbon ink: wax, wax/resin, and resin.

Heat Resistance
Label Stock Compatibility Typical Applications
Wax  Poor Versatile; typically coated paper Short term; shipping labels, compliance labeling
Wax/Resin Good Versatile; typically coated paper or coated synthetics Bin location labels, horticulture tags, healthcare labels
Resin Great Polyester, polyimide, polypropylene, polyethylene Chemical drum labels, circuit board labels, agency recognized labels

Most thermal print is only black, but there are color ribbons available, including metallic inks.










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